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Connect with the Nocturnal Collective

Embrace the Shadows

In the midnight realm where shadows dance and whispers echo, our dark synergy thrives. Whether you seek answers, wish to forge alliances, or share the essence of the night, the portals are open. The Nocturnal Collective awaits your words.

WE're here for you

We embrace the night and the enigmatic whispers it carries. Share your dark secrets, queries, or thoughts with us. Need assistance? Our shadows are eager to help.


WhatsApp: +1 (312) 287‑2058‬

US/Canada Phone: ‪+1 (312) 287‑2058‬

Europe Phone: ‪+420 774 311 493 (iMessage only)

Press & Media
For press inquiries and media collaborations, reach out to:

Instagram: @scdcrowd

Wholesale Inquiries
Interested in carrying our collection? The dark is expansive.


Return Addresses:

United States:

Recipient: HAN- SCD CROWD055

Address:11081 Vicksburg Ct, 
Rancho Cucamonga, CA, 91737


Europe (Germany) & UK:

Recipient: RE DEFRAB 948729

Address: Albert-Schweitzer-Str 1, Grolsheim, Rheinland-Pfalz, 55459

Phone: 0151-66342177